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With the initial idea of helping the small regional producers to run the production of grapes and the wine, Adega has been transforming throughout its 60 years of life, in order to the tendencies of the market.

Today, it strictly controls the grapes delivered by members, promoting a high-quality wine placed on the market.

The Adega Cooperativa de Mesão Frio is one of the largest in the region and it is recognized as one of the economic pillars of Mesão Frio. Five hundreds members are part of this reality; annually more than two million liters of wine are produced, although the installed winemaking capacity could reach up to four million liters.

In addition to the company-based store, Adega’s wines are available in several places mostly in the north of Portugal, especially in small-scale shops.

We are also present with our products in England, Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Japan.

From its portfolio, it includes a diversified range of wines with the designations Porto, Douro, Regional, Table and Sparkling.

Come with us to discover Douro region through its flavor!